March 28, 2018

Constitution & Objectives

The Living Language Foundation’s Official Constitution can be downloaded here.
The Living Language Foundation’s NPO Certificate can be downloaded here.

Our Core Objectives:

  • Provide underprivileged schools and learners with after school English-Second-Language lessons free of charge.
  • Work closely with the educators at the underprivileged schools to identify the requirements to implement a sustainable English-Second-Language program relevant to the learner’s abilities and current levels of literacy.
  • Provide all the resources required to successfully execute and maintain a sustainable after school English-Second-Language program, such as additional tutors, learning materials, stationery, books etc.
  • Work with the underprivileged schools to grow their internal language resources such as libraries and additional educator English language training.
  • To provide an effective after school English-Second-Language program that will benefit learner’s in both their present academic environment and future academic endeavours.
  • Equip underprivileged learners with the English language skills required to confidently further their education with English as the medium of study.

Our Secondary Objectives:

  • Raise funds to support the primary objectives.
  • To organise sponsors to support the primary objectives.
  • To expand the reach of the program into a larger area of South Africa.