May 18, 2018

Kretzenshoop Primary

Kretzenhoop Primary School is located in Blanco, George, in the Western Cape.
The school has more than 800 pupils, from Grade Rs through to Grade 7s, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds in the local community. Kretzenhoop is 125 years old and has produced sporting heroes such as former Springbok rugby players Bevin Fortuin and Zane Kirchner.
The many socioeconomic challenges face by this community, makes the basic educational foundation that we take for granted, a luxury for them.


Kretzenhoop’s outstanding principal, Mr Aries, and his team of dedicated and companionate teacher’s, have embraced the English Second Language program that The Living Language Foundation has implemented for them. The programme is presently running successfully with additional English second language classes that are held on the premises after school, and thoroughly enjoyed by the enthusiastic learners. This school is also upgrading their school library, in order to encourage learner’s to engage in language skills development more regularly.